Sunday, July 5, 2009

Half A Ghost Town and a Civil Rights Tattoo

Chris and I spent the day in Jerome, Arizona. We spent quite a bit of time in this tiny haven for artists, hippies and other misfits, when we lived out here so many years ago. You can find it built into the side of Mount Mingus in between Cottonwood and Prescott. It is one of my favorites places and holds many memories for me.

 Chris and I decided that this would be a great place to get a tattoo, and so we set out with designs in hand. Mine would read “My Soul Is Rested”. I took this from one of my favorite civil rights fraises, “My feets is tired, but my soul is rested.” Martin Luther King Jr. used this in many of his speeches during the civil rights movement. He adapted the saying from a woman named Mother Pollard. Mother Pollard was a seventy something year old black woman who was involved in the Montgomery bus boycotts of the early 1960’s. After weeks of walking to all her destinations MLK approached her saying, “I know you must be tired. Why don’t you take the bus?”  She replied to him “My Feets is weary, but my soul is rested.”

 This quote and story moves me immensely. I identify with it in so many aspects of my life. Not only for being a gay person who has been actively speaking out against the oppression of queer people since my very early teens, but also in social, environmental and economical choices I have made in my life.

 I hope that this tattoo will help remind me daily of the struggles of the past, present and future. Remind me of those who have given their lives and freedom fighting for equality all over the world. Remind me to continue learning about the struggles of others as well as my own. Lastly I want it to remind me of my closest friend who will not allow anyone to tamper with his civil liberties no matter the cost. 

 I find it quite Ironic that I am currently writing this post on July 4th, Americas Independence Day. Happy 4th Y’all!! 



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